WinXs Version 4.2
Copyright (C) 2000 Mick Meaden
Software Online Limited
All Rights Reserved

Repairs for WinXs v4.2

The following repairs and minor product enhancements are available for WinXs v4.2:

  • A command line version of the sleep utility.
  • Modifications to the WinXs Shell to display file sizes larger than 1GB
  • Modifications to the ls utility to display file sizes larger than 1GB
  • Modifications to the find utility to check whether or not  the calling Shell is a UNIX Shell (e.g., Bash). If it is, the "-print" primary uses forward slashes to separate elements of a path name rather than back slashes.
  • Fix to the Windows csplit utility that corrects a problem whereby space characters in regular expressions were not parsed correctly in multi-argument lists.  These should now be enclosed in double-quote characters (e.g., "/.  TOTAL/+1" {99}).

These repairs are contained in a ZIP archive.  You should unzip this into your WinXs installation folder, ensuring that folder names in the archive are preserved (i.e., select the "Use folder names" option if you are using WinZip).

Download v4.2 repairs (425kb)

GNU Bash for WinXs

This free add-on to WinXs contains GNU Bash and its associated utilities, all of which are provided under terms and conditions of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (see the file COPYING for details).

This software is offered with no warranty or implied fitness for any specific purpose. No part of this software is covered by the WinXs shareware license.

To install Bash, run the file gnubash.exe and follow any on-screen prompts. A new item "GNU Bash" will be added to the AddOns menu in the WinXs Shell as part of the installation. Select this item to start Bash in the current folder.

Download GNU Bash for WinXs (790Kb)

GNU AWK for WinXs

A command line version of GNU Awk (gawk) is now available for use with the WinXs command line tools.  This has been built as a Windows 32-bit console application, so it can be used either directly from the command prompt or in pipelines.  The GNU man page is also included in the distribution file.

To install GAWK, simply unzip the archive into the "bin" subdirectory below your WinXs main installation directory.

Download GNU awk (131kb)

Find for Windows

This is a free WinXs (32-bit) addon that provides the search capabilities of the find(1) console application in a Windows environment.  To install this application, run the distribution file (wxfind10.exe) by double-clicking it from within Explorer or the WinXs Shell.  This will install the software and add a new item to your start menu in Start ->  Programs -> Software Online -> WxFind v1.0.  Simply click this item to start the application.  Details of how to add it to the WinXs Shell AddOns menu are included in the help file

Download WxFind v1.0 (286kb)