WxGrep Version 3.1
Copyright (C) 2001- Mick Meaden
Software Online Limited
All Rights Reserved


WxGrep brings the search capabilities of UNIX grep and fgrep to Windows 32-bit platforms. You can search one or more files for a specific pattern or patterns, which can be specified as either regular expressions or fixed strings. WxGrep also includes the functionality of the UNIX find command for locating files. Thus, complete directory hierarchies can be scanned for files with names matching one or more file-name patterns, which in turn can be scanned for lines matching one or more text patterns.

Other features of WxGrep include:

  • Regular expressions. WxGrep supports the basic regular expression (BRE) syntax defined in the X/Open Portability Guide, Issue 4.
  • File Viewing. Double-clicking any file name in the output windows causes WxGrep to display the contents of that file in a separate file view window, where lines in the file can be displayed with or without line numbers. Double-clicking a matched line in the output window causes that line to be selected and displayed in the file view. In all views, matched lines are color coded to distinguish them from unmatched lines.
  • File Printing. Built-in print facilities allow you to send the contents of the output window or the current file view window to a printer using standard Windows print facilities.
  • Other facilities. WxGrep can also be used to search a directory hierarchy for file names matching one or more file name patterns, and for counting lines in a file or files.


WxGrep is a shareware program. It can be used for a period of up to 30 days free of charge, after which it must be removed from your system or a license fee of $15 dollars U.S. must be paid. Benefits of registration include:

  • Free product upgrades.
  • All nag screens are removed.
  • Option settings are saved between invocations of the program, including the most recent settings of the Search Dialog option flags.

New in Version 3.1

  • Maintenance release that fixes a problem on Windows 2000 whereby browse boxes always start in the current working directory rather than in the last used directory.

New in Version 3.0

  • Changed the main  Search Dialog to a Property Sheet and added an "Advanced" tab that allows the user to exclude specific directories and/or file patterns from a search.
  • Added an asynchronous interrupt mechanism to main search path.  This is activated by pressing the Esc key during a search operation, which results in a dialog box being displayed that enables the user to Abort or Continue the current search operation.


Prices for WxGrep v3.1 are banded as follows:

  • Single-user:        $15
  • Site-license:        $200

You can register the product via the register.exe program included with WxGrep. This method of ordering is handled by Kagi, who will accept credit card, cheque or cash orders.

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