Lemmy Version 4.2
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Lemmy is a fully functional version of the popular UNIX screen editor vi implemented for 32 bit Windows platforms (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4 and Windows 2000).  Lemmy combines the interface of vi with the look and feel of a Windows application. Some of these capabilities are listed here:

  • Split screen mode. Up to four splits are allowed.
  • Undo/redo, copy/paste, and access to menu maps and abbreviations.
  • Support for the Windows clipboard
  • Most recently used files accessed from File menu.
  • Use of mouse clicks to move the cursor, follow tags and selecting text.
  • Dragging files onto the application.
  • Use of Property Sheet to adjust Lemmy settings.
  • A configurable tools menu.
  • Status bar information.
  • Configurable fonts and colour schemes. Lemmy also supports syntax highlighting for several file types. Additionally, a user can develop his own syntax highlighting.
  • Extended printing capabilities including the ability to syntax highlight printed output, print with line numbers, print with headers and footers on the page, and to print in varying font types and sizes.
  • Recovery of previous edit sessions after an unexpected interruption controlled from a dialogue.
  • Recall of previous "ex" commands through a dialogue.
  • Search and Replace via a dialogue includes recall of past operations.


Lemmy is a shareware program. It can be used for a period of up to 30 days free of charge, after which it must be removed from your system or a license fee of $20 dollars U.S. must be paid. Benefits of registration include:

  • Free product upgrades.
  • Removal of all nag screens.

New in Version 4.2

  • Cures a bug in the Perl syntax highlighter which previously resulted in a crash.
  • Enhances the plugin model for syntax highlighting so that one highlighter can defer to another thus making it possible to provide for different languages within the same file. For example, if an HTML page contains some script, the HTML highlighter can ensure that the appropriate highlighter is called to handle the script.
  • The HTML syntax highlighter is enhanced to handle scripting in ASP, JavaScript and VBScript.
  • Cures a problem where Lemmy fails to perform cursor movement commands with the message "Line is too long" because it fails to check whether wrap line is switched on before checking if the line will fit on the screen.
  • When presenting the Open or Save FTP dialog box, the last used connection name is initially selected.
  • The menu items "Save" and "Save As" no longer write to a read-only file.  They either fail or prompt the user.
  • A new option "menulabellength" ("mll" for short) is introduced to determine the maximum length of items placed into history menus. The assigned value must be in the range 32 to 100.
  • A new option is introduced into the "Lemmy Settings" to control whether FTP data transfers are performed in ASCII or binary mode. Binary is used by default but ASCII is necessary on some systems such as VMS.
  • Corrects a problem where if Lemmy is minimised on the task bar during an external change of the file being editted, clicking the icon on the task bar only displays the file changed message box. It takes another click to activate Lemmy.
  • Corrects a problem where line offsets to the errlist file resulting from file edits, are not reset when the file is recompiled.
  • Displays an example of the "File Patterns" on the "File Types" property page.
  • Keyboard shortcuts added to all menu items.
  • A new option "fixedpitchfont" ("fpf" for short) is introduced. When set, only fixed pitch fonts are presented in the font selection dialog for the Lemmy display.
  • Commands initiated using ":!" are now displayed in a window which does not disappear until the user indicates. This makes it easy to obtain directory listings without the results disappearing prematurely.
  • A new menu item "Mail for Support" is made available on the "Help" menu to facilitate the sending of email support requests. This feature relies on the presence of a MAPI compliant mailer.


Prices for Lemmy v4.2 are banded as follows:

  • Single-user:        $20
  • 2 to 9 users:        $15 each
  • 10 to 24 users:    $12 each
  • 25 to 49 users:    $9.50 each
  • 50 to 99 users:    $7 each
  • 100+ users:        $5 each

An unlimited site-license costs $500.

You can register the product via the register.exe program included with Lemmy. This method of ordering is handled by Kagi, who will accept credit card, cheque or cash orders.

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